Roof Replacement Services in Toronto

There are many reasons why you might be considering a roof replacement or roof repair. Maybe you are selling your house, or you just moved into a new home. Perhaps there was a heavy storm that damaged your roof, or it has surpassed its service life. Regardless of the reason, we recommend that you only work with a trusted and reliable roof replacement contractors near you, like Global One Roofing Inc. 

We are one of the most demanded and trusted companies for roof replacement in Mississauga. Our expert technicians will inspect your roof and provide you with the most reasonable and cost-efficient solution.

We provide comprehensive roof repair and residential roof replacement near you to meet the highest standards using the best quality products and with a priority for superior customer service—all this at a pocket-friendly price!

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Free Onsite Roof Assessment

At the beginning of every roof replacement project, our Global One Roofing team visits your home to conduct a thorough roof assessment at no cost. Our seasoned project estimators check for any underlying issues in all the components of your roofing system to ensure they are fixed to prevent future problems. However, for minor damages, we always recommend a fixture rather than a replacement to keep the cost low.

Professional Installation

Global One Roofing abides by all manufacturer guidelines on all products used during the roof installation. Not only are you getting professional and high-quality service but also a full range of manufacturer warranties for all products used in your roofing system. Our experts for roof replacement in Brampton never cut corners or compromise on quality and offer nothing less than the best.

Qualified and Insured Roofers

Many things can go wrong during a roof replacement project. In case of any unforeseen incidents, you can rest assured that you and your home are well protected from any liability. Global One Roofing is insured against any liability that may arise. 

Additionally, all our team members are well trained and certified by the most reputable organizations in the industry. You can be sure that your project will be carried out with the highest possible quality of workmanship.

Roof Replacement Services
roof replacement company
Toronto Roof Replacement Services

Wide Variety of Products

Global One Roofing specializes in roof replacement for many roofing systems, including cedar shake and asphalt shingles. We have a wide variety of roofing products for you to choose from in order to give your roof maximum functionality while also maintaining your home’s curb appeal.

Warranties and Guarantees

By working with us on your roof replacement project, you can be confident knowing that your new roof is protected through workmanship warranties and guarantees as well as manufacturer direct prorated and non-prorated product warranties. We ensure that you receive quality service and ultimate support from our team. 

Moreover, we offer emergency services to fix your roof as early as possible to protect you from any potential damages in the long run.

Cost-Effective Solutions That Fit Your Budget

When you invest in a commercial or residential roofing service, make sure that you only replace what’s damaged or broken. Replacing the entire roof will cost you more. Our experts offer free roof assessments to ensure the roofs are repaired with responsibility, without overdoing the work and increasing the cost of replacement.


Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

There are many factors that might lead to a roof replacement on your commercial property. Depending on the state of the roof and your aim, it may be advisable to perform a full roof replacement or to explore options for a partial replacement. The three options you have for your roof replacement project are:

Tar and Gravel System

Tar and Gravel System

Though older, this is a tried and proven system and the most effective in protecting a flat roof from ponding and improper drainage. With no seams or cracks for water to seep through, a tar and gravel roof can be submerged for extended periods with no damage. To do patchwork on this roof system, we will often use a 2-ply system. As the surrounding tar is torched, the patch melts, and the roof’s protection board adheres to the 2-ply rolls.

Modified Bitumen 2-Ply System

Modified Bitumen 2-Ply System

Though more cost-effective than the tar and gravel system, its creases mean that it cannot remain submerged for long. If you perform routine roof maintenance and your flat roof has a gentle slope to aid with drainage, this might be a good option for you. You can only repair this system with the same system.

1-Ply System

Toronto Roof Replacement Services

This system consists of the cap only and is the most cost-effective option. However, it has overlap seams, which means it may be vulnerable to leakages if submerged for longer periods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Replacement

When Should I Opt for a Roof Replacement?

When the area of damaged roofing exceeds around 25% of the total roof area, the cost of repairs will begin to approach the expense of a full replacement. At this point, replacement becomes the safest and most economical option.

What is the Cost of a Roof Replacement in Toronto?

The total cost of replacing a roof depends on a variety of factors, including materials, labour, accessibility, size, and the cost of disposing of the existing roofing. In addition to this, the cost includes the price of add-ons such as insulation, penetrations, and other accessories. Our experts will assess the condition of your existing roof and provide an estimate.

Who Should I Call for a Roof Replacement?

The ideal solution for replacing a roof is to consult a professional roofing company such as Global One Roofing Inc. We have the resources, skills, and experience to offer the best solution that meets your needs. We will provide a complete roof replacement at your convenience and ensure you have a smooth experience.

Replace Your Roof With Confidence by Calling Global One Roofing Inc.

A roof replacement, whether full or partial, can save you from recurrent repairs and give you some much-desired peace of mind. We will not only install a new roof but also give you helpful advice to ensure that it remains in top condition for decades. 

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