Commercial and Residential Roof Maintenance Services

Protecting Your Valuable Assets

As a property owner, you understand how important the roof is to your commercial or residential building, which is why it is important to maintain it. At Global One Roofing, we appreciate that proper and routine roof maintenance can save money in the long run. In most cases, roof maintenance pays for itself by saving you from expensive repairs and roof replacements. This is why we offer comprehensive residential and commercial roof maintenance service plans tailored to meet your needs and budget and to help you protect your valuable assets.

Roof Maintenance Companies

Residential Roof Maintenance Service

Your roof has the very important role of protecting your home. However, the roof also needs protection for it to continue fulfilling this purpose. Every day, your roof undergoes continuous wear and tear through exposure to the elements and the natural process of aging. If left unattended, the roof will eventually lose its efficiency, starting a snowball effect of damages that can be expensive. Fortunately, this can be avoided by ensuring that your roof is well cared for throughout the year.

All through the seasons, your roof is subjected to various conditions such as extreme heat, heavy rainfall, ice and snow. In these conditions, even a new roof, if not well maintained, will surely develop issues. Spring is a particularly difficult time for roofs. With storms, animals looking for shelter and nesting, and high precipitation, the threat of major roof problems is high. The other seasons also come with their own potential issues:


Summer Roof Maintenance Service

The extreme heat and humidity of summer can cause a build-up of condensation within the attic and further shelter seeking by animals. If unattended, the animals may damage the roof, causing leaks and condensation, which can lead to rot.


During this time, your roof is not only fighting critters but also carrying the load or twigs and leaves falling from trees and filling the eaves and gutters. This is a great time to have your roof thoroughly assessed and serviced in preparation for winter.


Winter conditions place extreme strain on the roof leading to leaks, ice dams, and extreme damage to attics that can be very expensive to repair if you are not prepared.

Roof Maintenance Program

At Global One Roofing, we are here to ensure that your roof remains in good condition throughout the year. Our roof maintenance program can find and prevent roof issues or damage, saving you thousands of dollars.

Our Roof Maintenance Program is tailored to address every season-related risk that threatens the integrity of your roof. The services provided include:

  • A full roof inspection to ensure the roof meets local standards.
  • Full attic inspection to ensure there is no rot, leak, animals or pests inhabiting it.
  • Fastening and reinforcing the eaves trough around the home perimeter.
  • Caulking any corners, seams and openings that need sealing.
  • Eaves trough cleaning and gutter cleanout.
  • Ventilation inspection on the roof and attic.
  • Insulation inspection to ensure it is up to par.
  • Leak risk, moisture build-up and water stain inspection.
  • Repairing anything that needs attention.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Service

While a sturdy roof is important in a residential building, the stakes are even higher for your commercial building. It is not only your property at risk but also your tenants, their customers and their expensive machinery, tools and equipment. For this reason, you have greater responsibility to ensure that the roof of your commercial building is well maintained all year round.

Common Signs of Roofing Trouble

  • Ponding water on a flat roof. When water pools on a flat roof after heavy rainfall or melting snow, it can cause rotting, deterioration, leaking and rusting.
  • Bubbles or blisters. While bubbles in the roof cover are often nothing to worry about, if they are filled with water, the roof may age prematurely and can often result in leaking.
  • Torn or cracked seams. Any tear in the roof cover will often cause the roof to deteriorate and leak.
  • Gaps in the roof cover perimeter. Gaps in the strips of metal installed on the base of a vent pipe or the edge of the roof could cause water leaks underneath or further damage to the roof cover during heavy storms and high winds.

How Often Should You Perform Routine Maintenance?

The frequency with which you should perform a thorough inspection of your commercial roof depends on a couple of things, including:

  • The kind of weather your area experiences.
  • How old the roof is.
  • If you had any recent storms.
  • If you’ve had any construction work done to the roof.

In general, you should do an inspection twice a year, and it is a good idea to time them with major seasonal changes such as before summer or winter. Routine maintenance will help you identify and rectify small issues before they get out of hand to the point that you need costly repairs or a roof replacement.

How to Perform A Roof Inspection

  • Look through your drains and gutters for anything that may cause blockages. Also, inspect the gutter straps and drain seals for any damage.
  • Check for ponding water or bubbles on the roof.
  • Check all seams for cracks or tears.
  • Ensure that all flashings on the vent pipes, roof edges, skylights etc. are well-sealed.
  • Inspect new repairs for damage or shifting.
  • Trim any trees that may be shedding leaves into the gutters or touching the roof.
  • Assess for any roof damage immediately after a heavy storm.

Care for Your Roof with Global One Roofing’s Maintenance Service

Routine roof maintenance is a smart decision that will save you time and money. At Global One Roofing, we not only help you maintain your roof but also give you important advice that will ensure that your roof is in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable and highly effective Roof Maintenance program. Don’t wait until it is too late. Protect your roof so it can protect your property.

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