Roof Warranties Protect You – The Customer

With any aspect of commercial or residential property ownership, it is important to have the assurance that you are well protected in the event of any damage or injury on or to the property. Our roof warranties protect you against damage from natural and human causes. We do this to give you peace of mind knowing that your roof is professionally constructed from the highest quality materials and also well protected against damage and failure. In case any failure or damage was to occur, you can rest assured that the roof will be properly inspected and repaired to like-new condition by our team of highly experienced and qualified roofers within the terms of the warranty.

At Global One Roofing, we provide two types of warranties:

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Under this, manufacturers offer two types of warranties:

  • Prorated warranty
  • Non-prorated warranty

Non-Prorated Manufacturers Warranty

A non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty provides full coverage on labour, all materials, tear-off and disposal within a defined time period. To receive this warranty, the roof installation must be done by a contractor who is fully certified by the manufacturer and following the specifications and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The roofer has no liberty to cut corners or substitute any component in the materials used. The contractor is then required to register your warranty with the manufacturer after installation for it to take effect. When these guidelines are followed correctly, you as the property owner, will benefit from full coverage on all small repairs and even a complete replacement.

Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty

A prorated manufacturer’s warranty is provided on roofing systems that did not follow the full scope of the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines. This means that the warranty coverage is limited and only covers certain aspects of your roof repair and replacement.

These warranties vary based on the manufacturer and the products you choose. To be clear, always ask your provider to explain all the exemptions in your prorated warranty. It is also important to note that some prorated warranties depreciate over time. This means that in case of any problem, the manufacturer only offers replacement materials or a cash equivalent of what the replacement materials are worth at the time of failure.

Global One Roofing offers both non-prorated and prorated manufacturer’s warranties on the materials used in any project. We also have a lifetime warranty coverage on CertainTeed shingles, including Landmark Pro, that also covers damage caused by wind gusts of up to 110km/h.

Workmanship Warranty

It is not enough for a roofing contractor to use the highest quality materials – they also need to perform the work diligently while upholding the highest levels of workmanship. A roof is a huge investment, and even a simple error can be extremely costly. A workmanship warranty provides you with coverage against installation or workmanship errors.

At Global One Roofing, we fully stand behind our work and guarantee that it is professional and completed in line with the highest levels of workmanship. We back this guarantee with a 10- year workmanship warranty on CertainTeed shingles and a 15-year workmanship warranty on the Landmark Pro. In case of any failure or damage that is the direct result of a workmanship error, we will provide a full repair or replacement at no cost.

Also Available

Based on the manufacturer warranty, we also offer the following:

  • CertainTeed Ice and Water Shield to protect your property against ice build-up and water leakage
  • CertainTeed Roof and Deck Guard which is a synthetic underlay material that offers double protection in case of shingle loss.

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